At the lovely open house for the new wellness center #JTBWellness, I had some conversations with a couple other staff who all agreed how it can be difficult to talk about and explain what energy work is.  And because typing doesn’t make it any easier…I’m not going to try to do that.  One needs to experience it to truly get a sense of it.  However I will say that I think it can be difficult to explain because there is no one way of working with energy and no one way for a healing to manifest.   

For example...

During the open house I was offering free 10 minute mini sessions in which I worked on client's hands.  I was a bit nervous about this though because there was a lot of people around, a lot of different activities happening, and therefore lots of different energy.  It all worked out just fine because I was able to share a separate room with one other healer.  

One client in particular had just received a wonderful angel card reading which was helpful and healing in it's own sense.  As I worked on her hands, their was a huge emotional release.  The waterworks started and she really opened up. After the session, we continued talking in the main space where everybody was and the healing continued as she opened and released even more.  Now while I do have amazing skills #shamelessselfpromotion, I realized while talking with her that the entire space was allowing this immense release and healing to occur.  It's not common for someone to be in an entirely new place filled with all strangers and be that comfortable, and open, and vulnerable.

So I just wanted to say KUDOS to the staff and everyone else helping out during the event.  Whether energy workers or not, you all helped to create an environment of wellness that allowed for deep levels of healing to occur.  



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    (Disclaimer: In general, I foresee these posts to be mostly spiritual in nature.)

    We are all unique.  How we interact and experience all the different kinds of energy we come in contact with makes up our reality.  Our reality, our truth is uniquely ours.  

    All the books and websites that say what this stone means, or that color represents for example; I appreciate them.  I acknowledge that everything has its own energy, its own vibration.  Things of the same nature will understandably resonate in a similar fashion. 
    However, it's how one interacts with that particular energy at that particular moment that makes it unique.

    I'm attempting to use this blog for two things.  One is simply personal, as an outlet to record and explore my own "moments of spirit." 

    The other is to hopefully show how these moments happen all the time.  This connection with Spirit doesn't have to be "other-worldly" or whatever label you want to use to describe it. You just have to be present enough to truly connect.


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