Sometimes simply slowing down and taking the time to just perceive your environment can be wonderful medicine.  
I woke up one morning sort of in a funk.  Eh...maybe not a funk...that might be too strong of a phrase.  I wasn't sad, tired, or upset...but I was something and that something was enough for me to take notice and acknowledge it.  

Whatever it was, I didn't like it.  I didn't want that to be how my day started. Now from here I didn't necessarily consciously do something specific.  If anything I guess I just kind of mentally made a resolve and released it out into the universe...that whatever this feeling was, it was not welcome.  I suppoe since I didn't know what the feeling was or why I was feeling it, how could I do anything to help it?  

As the morning progressed I seemed to be running into delays.  Nothing major; I just ended up leaving my place later then I wanted to, having the gas gauge remind me I had to get gas, etc.  Because of all of these things, I consciously thought, "Ok, I'm gonna relax and slow down. It's not like I'm really late for anything."  

While I'm pumping gas, I looked up at one lone tree across the street.  Its leaves were in the process of changing color.  What really struck me though was as to how...dull the tree looked.  It wasn't this full, bright, vibrant autumn yellow, but rather a pale-yellow, faded-green, orange-ish collage.  I thought to myself how pretty it was even though in a more traditional sense it may not be the most picture worthy scene.  

As I'm driving on the highway, I couldn't help but notice the glory that is Autumn in New England. The trees were all sorts of beautiful shades of Fall. 
:::Thinking about it now, that whole scene could be viewed as a macrocosm of the tree I saw earlier...but that would lead to a whole different discussion:::

Anyways, from that point on, the rest of my day was great.  That moment of simply witnessing my surroundings and perhaps experiencing something larger then myself really seemed to take away whatever that feeling I had from the morning.  
The medicine was there, I just had to slow down enough to see it.  


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    (Disclaimer: In general, I foresee these posts to be mostly spiritual in nature.)

    We are all unique.  How we interact and experience all the different kinds of energy we come in contact with makes up our reality.  Our reality, our truth is uniquely ours.  

    All the books and websites that say what this stone means, or that color represents for example; I appreciate them.  I acknowledge that everything has its own energy, its own vibration.  Things of the same nature will understandably resonate in a similar fashion. 
    However, it's how one interacts with that particular energy at that particular moment that makes it unique.

    I'm attempting to use this blog for two things.  One is simply personal, as an outlet to record and explore my own "moments of spirit." 

    The other is to hopefully show how these moments happen all the time.  This connection with Spirit doesn't have to be "other-worldly" or whatever label you want to use to describe it. You just have to be present enough to truly connect.


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