As I am driving to see a client for a healing session, I begin to get myself "in the zone".  I'm relaxing, breathing and listening to some mellow music. I'm just trying to quiet my ego and open my consciousness, my spirit, to connect with my client to provide them with a meaningful session.  

Up in the distance something moves and catches my eye.  As I approach I see a large, lone, dark feather laying on a snow covered front yard.  "Hmm, that's interesting" I think to myself as I continue my drive.  A few more yards up on the side of the road I pass a dead turkey, the feathers obvious place of origin.     

Now because of many years of studying at A Place of Light and because of the mindful state I'm in, I begin to wonder what is the meaning behind this turkey. I ask myself, "is it a message for me?" Perhaps there is a message or medicine to be used for the healing session.  Or, maybe it is a message for my client?  
The only impression I receive is that it really isn't for or about me.  Whatever this turkey represents relates to my client.  So I acknowledge this and figure I'll mention it to my client or it'll somehow present itself during the session.  

The session goes great and afterwards as we finish talking about the experience, I decide to mention the turkey.  I ask her, "If I say the word turkey, does that mean anything to you?  What would a turkey represent for you?"  She responds by saying that she slaughters turkeys for a living. She works at a turkey processing plant!  

I couldn't help but laugh in astonishment and then proceeded to tell her the story.  

In regards to this Moment of Spirit, the only really "words of wisdom" I can think to end on is one that I've written about before, and that is to be aware of what you are paying attention to.  This is really just another personal story; another simple "coincidence" that hopefully helps you to pay attention to the moments of spirit in your own life.  


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    (Disclaimer: In general, I foresee these posts to be mostly spiritual in nature.)

    We are all unique.  How we interact and experience all the different kinds of energy we come in contact with makes up our reality.  Our reality, our truth is uniquely ours.  

    All the books and websites that say what this stone means, or that color represents for example; I appreciate them.  I acknowledge that everything has its own energy, its own vibration.  Things of the same nature will understandably resonate in a similar fashion. 
    However, it's how one interacts with that particular energy at that particular moment that makes it unique.

    I'm attempting to use this blog for two things.  One is simply personal, as an outlet to record and explore my own "moments of spirit." 

    The other is to hopefully show how these moments happen all the time.  This connection with Spirit doesn't have to be "other-worldly" or whatever label you want to use to describe it. You just have to be present enough to truly connect.


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