The three "Moments of Spirit" I'm going to share all happened within a week of each other.   

Moment 1:

I was speaking to a new client over the phone.  She was telling me all sorts of things but a particularly strong and emotional topic was how her parents past away, how she was close with her father, and how she would see signs from him.  
So after a nice long talk I settled down for the evening to catch up on one of my shows.  Two of the story lines that unfolded early on in the show were someone losing a father figure and also this person finding out they were going to become a father themselves.  So what did I do?  I paused the show, texted my client explaining the story line to them and ultimately said, Your father says Hi.  

There was no message in that for me.  I didn't need to call my father.  A big chunk of my evening was about my client and her father; that energy simply carried through into what I happened to watch on TV.   

Moment 2: 

I received a lovely and unexpected gift in the mail from a friend.  It was a coffee mug with the image of an energetic body showing the chakras.  Later that night I checked my email and had received a request from someone looking for a healing.  What was interesting though was this person wanted to find out what chakras they needed to be focusing on.  Now I’ve gotten requests for many different types of alternative healings before but this was the first that specifically addressed chakras.  

Again, I don't necessarily see a message in this for me.  I really just see this as an example of the entanglement of energy.  

Now at this point I really wanted to get these two Moments into a blog.  I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget them but I just couldn't figure out a way to make a cohesive entry from them.  What was I trying to say?  When I thought about the experiences, what came to me was this idea that they involved me but they weren't really about me...(if that makes sense).  It's not like I really had an intuitive experience.  Basically I was just noticing a pattern in the flow of energy.  Good for me, but so what?  That is hardly something to write about.  

After thinking about it more, I started to piece together this theme about the importance of recognizing when messages you are receiving are actually for someone else and not yourself. While this may be true, I still wasn't able to put a blog together around this idea.  Something was missing.  

So that was where my state of mind was at...where my energy was not being about me, the thought about recognizing messages for someone else, and still needing this other piece to create the blog.

What happens next is Moment 3:

About a week before the previous Moments happen, I see I have a missed call from my friend.  He didn't leave a message so I knew it was nothing important. I text him and he says he had just wanted to catch up and that we'll talk sometime soon.

I see him a few days after the night of Moment 2.  He told me he was having trouble sleeping and was also having a recurring dream.  The dream involved someone showing him a picture, but he wasn't able to clearly make out who the picture was.  He told this dream to a friend who for some reason suggested he ask his mother about it.  Well, he did talk to his mom about it, and long story short, it turns out the dream and the message was for her!

Eureka!!  The missing piece!!  A Moment of Spirit that exemplifies the idea of recognizing when messages are for someone else...and had nothing to do with me.  Great!  Lesson learned.

Take heed all who read this post, messages from spirit may not always be for you!  

While that is a great lesson, it's not what this blog post is all about though!  

By not being a part of my friends Moment of Spirit but still needing to hear the story got me thinking about this idea of the Collective Consciousness; this idea that 'everything is one, everything is connected'. From a fairly involved paper I found online, the definition for Collective Consciousness they were using was "A mode of awareness, in which we directly experience, through an intuitive felt-sense, our union with the interconnected wholeness of life, and recognize ourselves in others. Our identity extends beyond our individual boundary and embraces the collective, through a free and conscious act of identification, rather than through definition by convention or external authority." What Can Science Tell Us About Collective Consciousness? by Robert Kenny, MBA 

Part of me wonders if this is just a different label for what some call Spirit or Energy. When I'm writing about these "Moments of Spirit", is that not the same as tapping into this "Collective Consciousness"?  

Do most of us normally live in a state of Collective Unconsciousness?  This energy has always been a part of us, a part of everything.  It's always around us and has been affecting us whether we recognize it or not, whether we are conscious of it our not.  I think this energy is what the "collective" term is referring to.    

I like to think that we as a species are evolving or perhaps awaking to this state of Collective Consciousness; being aware of this energy we create and react to. On a physical level, the idea of everyone being one and interconnected has been manifesting itself for a while now.  These manifestations include everything from planes, trains, and automobiles, to phones, to the internet. These are physical things that allow us to be more connected to one another.  

What other ways does this manifest though? How much of our lives does this Collective Consciousness really come into effect?  I think the week I had involving those 3 Moments are great examples of how this energy is constantly interacting in our lives.  My friend had no idea that by telling me his story, that would lead me to think about this Collective Consciousness idea...which is the main purpose of this blog entry.  It was truly the missing piece!

If we are evolving to this Collective Consciousness state, a state that ultimately exists because of the interactions between other people and things, how much of our existence then is simply reflections and reactions from the energy of others?  

Did simply seeing my friends missed call get me into the energy vibration he was dealing with of not recognizing when messages are for someone esle?  Is that why I became aware of the first two seemingly benign Moments I had which ultimately led to this blog post?  

How much of my existence is really about me and how much is about the Collective.  Is there truly a separation?  Is it all just a matter of what you are paying attention to?  Maybe if my attention was somewhere else in the Collective, the experiences of the week wouldn't have meant anything to me. I wouldn't have been carried along with the energy my friend was putting out and the two experiences I had might have still happened, they just wouldn't have been significant to me...they wouldn't have been Moments.  Something else might have caught my attention and I would have traveled along with that stream.  

Is this what being Conscious of the Collective is all about; being aware of the subtle flow of energy from interaction to interaction?  Does Collective Consciousness = Energy Consciousness?  If so then being conscious of, being aware of this energy is the first step...just like being aware and admitting you have an addiction is the first step.  Perhaps being able to interact with this energy in a meaningful and positive way is the next step...


02/05/2015 8:36am

I would go a step farther and say that we are the energy of which you speak. Not in the physical seeking, but rather energy seeking to draw in the human.

Jung had a lot to say about the collective unconsciousness...


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    (Disclaimer: In general, I foresee these posts to be mostly spiritual in nature.)

    We are all unique.  How we interact and experience all the different kinds of energy we come in contact with makes up our reality.  Our reality, our truth is uniquely ours.  

    All the books and websites that say what this stone means, or that color represents for example; I appreciate them.  I acknowledge that everything has its own energy, its own vibration.  Things of the same nature will understandably resonate in a similar fashion. 
    However, it's how one interacts with that particular energy at that particular moment that makes it unique.

    I'm attempting to use this blog for two things.  One is simply personal, as an outlet to record and explore my own "moments of spirit." 

    The other is to hopefully show how these moments happen all the time.  This connection with Spirit doesn't have to be "other-worldly" or whatever label you want to use to describe it. You just have to be present enough to truly connect.


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