The company I used to work for moved from the city of Worcester to Marlborough.  Myself and a few others moved our stuff to the new building on the first of three "waves".  I needed to get lunch and since not many people were around I decide to go by myself.  Now I'm not sure how best to describe this, but at this point my mind is very fixated on the idea that I'm not going to know anyone.  I don't mean co-workers specifically, I just mean familiar faces.  Whatever place I go to eat is going to have different cashiers then I'm used to seeing.  So for whatever reason, I'm very conscious of this idea.
I get my lunch to go.  As I'm walking back to my car I think I hear my name. I hear it loud enough that I actually stop and look around thinking I'm going to see someone I know walking up to me or sitting at one of the outside tables I just walked by. 
A few seconds go by...nothing.  Alright, I must have just hear someone saying something similar to my name. That's a legitimate possibility!

I get back to my car and before I start driving I get a text message from an old friend/co-worker..."What are you doing in Marlborough?"  Now after seeing this message I think he is at the Worcester location.  He's works in sales and would occasionally stop by.  I figured he asked to see me and was told I was in Marlborough.  So I text him back..."The company is moving out here, are you in Worcester?"  He responds..."I'm at the Five Guys Restaurant in Marlborough.  I think I just saw you walk by."  I text back..."Oh, did you call my name?  I thought I heard it."  He replies..."No, I didn't make it outside.  You were gone to quick." 

Did I hear him thinking my name as he saw me? 
After writing these events down, I realize that besides this being a simple, everyday example of a "Moment of Spirit", of telepathy; it's actually an example of being in the moment.  I realize I was open and fully immersed in the seemingly mundane act of going to lunch. It was all new to me.  Driving a new road, going to a new strip mall, getting food from a new restaurant (at least a new location).  I was in the moment and taking it all in.  I wasn't thinking about what I had to do when I got back to work for example, I was just being.  
By being mindful of the experience as a whole, not only the specific task I was doing but of my entire environment I allowed myself to connect with my friends energy, his thoughts, even though I wasn't consciously aware he was there. 

So what are we missing in our day to day lives when we are lost in our heads, thinking about the past or the future? There is nothing innately wrong with the act of thinking, or the act of recalling the past, or the act of planning for the future; but is there a point when those acts become a detriment to the act of living in the present?


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    (Disclaimer: In general, I foresee these posts to be mostly spiritual in nature.)

    We are all unique.  How we interact and experience all the different kinds of energy we come in contact with makes up our reality.  Our reality, our truth is uniquely ours.  

    All the books and websites that say what this stone means, or that color represents for example; I appreciate them.  I acknowledge that everything has its own energy, its own vibration.  Things of the same nature will understandably resonate in a similar fashion. 
    However, it's how one interacts with that particular energy at that particular moment that makes it unique.

    I'm attempting to use this blog for two things.  One is simply personal, as an outlet to record and explore my own "moments of spirit." 

    The other is to hopefully show how these moments happen all the time.  This connection with Spirit doesn't have to be "other-worldly" or whatever label you want to use to describe it. You just have to be present enough to truly connect.


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