I have been reading entries from a group of people who all feel they "highly sensitive," and, indeed, they are.  They are beset with feeling sad, physical pain and a host of other discomforts all of which, in my opinion, come from being very intuitive with no control 

I am frustrated to say the least.  They seek DSM descriptions, the correct medication, the right diet and other physical/academic world solutions.  However intuition does not function in the physical/academic paradigm.  It is another paradigm altogether and must be addressed within the laws and wisdom of that world.

Spiritual issues require spiritual solutions.  For the past twelve years, we at A Place of Light have been working with these solutions with great success.  One only needs to listen to the testimonies to know this! 

What is truly consistent is that once these spiritual tools are in place and being used, then the changes in the physical begin to happen.  People easily change their diet.  They can work in places like a beauty salon or customer service without succumbing to the energy of those whom they serve.  Life is no longer filled with anxiety.

I only wish I knew the words to explain this to the many hurting people who make the entries in this group. 



That's really cool. I would be interested in seeing more graphs of different information you pull from these logs.

06/23/2016 5:52am

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07/22/2016 10:56am

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09/05/2016 4:55am

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11/12/2016 12:53am

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03/07/2017 5:05am

You can't afford to be high sensitive this time. It is a hard times and the weak would be defeated.


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