Twelve years I have been doing this work and I still do not know how to explain what is gained by studying at A Place of Light!  How does one explain wisdom?  This is what one of the students explained happened with her in that she had a lot of knowledge about spiritual matters, but at APOL, it moved to her heart and became wisdom. 

It often seems ironic to me that I spent the first 30 plus years of my career teaching within the academic world.  As one of my students from 1972 told me recently, "you taught me to think and reason."  Yet now, I teach something completely different:  to feel and trust. 

Both skills are valuable, but in different settings.  Neither are very useful when used outside their respective paradigms, although intuitive knowing can direct one's reasoning.

How to explain what has not yet been experienced?  How can another grasp that which is unknown?  It is like teaching a child to decode the words "babbling brook."  If the child has never seen, heard, touched a babbling brook, they are just words, meaningless sounds to be dutifully repeated when encountered while reading. 

Perhaps the real question is how to ask someone to trust the process of experiencing, that it will take them places of which they only dreamed...



06/08/2016 10:58am

Spiritual connections. This is very important for us to have a closer relationship with God. In our Religion class in school, we are taught how to pray so to have this said spiritual connection. As a student, I believe that it is always important, to have faith to our supreme creator, God.

02/19/2017 7:25pm

Spiritual connection is one of the essentials of life. Spiritual connection will make you go in the right way by believing our God. Many students don't realize it yet, but living everyday will make them realize want is the importance of our God to us. I am also one of that children, I was not also paying attention to all the preaching of the priest in the church. But while I was becoming an adult and having any situations or problems that are difficult to solve, I'm becoming to understand that God is very Important to us. God will make your dreams or wish come true by having faith in him.

06/21/2016 3:32am

Otherworldly mending is an essential science that people groups to overcome issues that have their underlying driver in the profound domain.

11/04/2016 8:22am

I think you need to write a book with your full thoughts. It would be interesting to read.

11/05/2016 5:52am

Enlightening article, exactly what I was searching for.


Everyone, at least once in their lifetime, experience something superficial in their life. I had been to and was surprised at simply how common that was.


This is a good place. Warm light cover me and I'm feeling better.

05/15/2017 9:37am

We like to read this issue.. Thanks you've made it clear!


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