I have felt the energy of stones and plants, and know there is spirit in all of the natural world. But lately I’ve been reading the poetry of William Wordsworth and have discovered that Wordsworth knew this in his bones, in his heart, in his being.

To every natural form, rock, fruit, or flower,

Even the loose stones that cover the highway,

I gave a moral life; I saw them feel,

In another poem, he writes:

And ‘tis my faith that every flower

Enjoys the air it breathes.

That host of golden daffodils he saw “tossing their heads in sprightly dance” truly were dancing in delight at their own existence; this was no mere poetic description. Wordsworth understood, and I am coming to understand, thanks to his poetry.

I can see the life in my own yard through my own eyes.

For a time I offered thanks to the tree in my yard for its beauty, which may have helped in a small way to encourage its growth. But now that its offspring has grown and branches of both trees are mingling, the mother tree has grown fuller and taller. Seems to me that this growth in not coincidental. Why wouldn’t a tree appreciate companionship, just as we do?



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08/08/2016 10:49pm

William Wordsworth is a writer who wrote such great poems. I read some of his poems and it's really moving. He is actually one of my inspirations upon writing my own poems. I am glad that you also enjoyed and appreciated his poems. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us

04/12/2016 11:09am

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06/06/2016 8:31am

Amazing, how can be so blind!


I can see the life in my own yard through my own eyes as you too....

07/24/2016 11:13am

i would try to read his poetry. Thanks for review.

07/26/2016 9:41am

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08/01/2016 1:08am

I haven't read anything that William Wordsworth before but this is actually nice. He has this way with words that can capture and inspire the minds of others. Wordsworth is so connected to nature and the beauty of it that he gave more life to it. I felt happy. Truly a work of a great poet.

08/02/2016 5:24am

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I like his poetry so much! He is very talented person. Good post.

08/20/2016 12:56am

I have read this article, and I am totally agreed with Mr William Wordsworth. There are so many things that God has gifted to us, and these things are like stones and plants that have the spirit and we can't imagine it.

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