At a recent Past Life Regression hosted by APOL, one individual was very upset because s/he had been on a spaceship and was not of the human race. 

This got me to thinking about the fact that we are not any particular species from any particular place, but rather energy that assumes many forms in many places depending on what it is we wish to accomplish. 

Being human provides the great challenge of being spiritual while being assaulted by emotions.  If we can walk our lives in balance while there is emotional chaos all around, then we have truly mastered being a spiritual being. 


06/21/2016 12:54am

We are same because of being human so we understand the nature of each other easily according to this writer.I would like to visit this page again because everyone is related with this generation and that is nice topic to study.

12/12/2016 7:36pm

Is it really true that people can be a different form in their past life? I wonder what I was during my past life. My sister-in-law had a friend who mentioned to her that she’s new specie and that my brother is an old soul. Although her friend never mentioned if they were reincarnated but the thing is they know that they had a life or a new life currently. I’d like to find out about my being, is there a way that I can contact you to see about my past life? I’m really interested even if it gives the chill out of me. I’m just curious to know these stuffs.


The last paragraph of this article really makes sense. There are times when we cannot manage to be perfectly fine emotionally & spiritually, because unnecessary challenges occur inevitably. But let us always remember that it's okay not to be okay. What do I mean? We are human. It's natural to have emotions. Let's just accept the fact that we are not born perfect, and that's what make us human.


Interesting point of view. I like it.

11/14/2016 11:35pm

Keeping balance is a very hard thing! But you should be calm and stay strong if everything around so goes bad!

01/11/2017 8:23am


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