I had a lot of interesting things happen at our Holistic Happenings event on yesterday.  One in particular involved listening to Spirit...that inner voice nudging me.  

Before going to the event, I was trying to think of what to bring for the table I would be sitting at.  I didn't really have any promotional stuff besides my business cards and just those would make for a pretty boring display.  I decided to bring some feathers and stones, my drum and rattle.  Since I was planning on doing energy work, not only would these items be potentially used for a session, they would help make the table look nice.  

In addition, I brought my tarot cards.  Now I haven't used these in a LONG time, nor was I planning on using them.  For whatever reason though (Spirit), the thought came to me to bring them.  Like everything else,  I brought them mostly thinking they would bring some interest to the table. 

Interestingly enough, I ended up doing more readings then healings!  I didn't necessarily feel super comfortable doing them, but the cards that came up for people were pretty relevant and I think everyone got something out of the it.  

My intention going to the event as a practitioner (specifically doing energy healings) was to help those I could in the best way possible.  Unbeknownst to me, that help involved my tarot cards.  

I think one of the lesson for me in all this is to not presume to think I know what's best.  Although I'm much more comfortable and confident doing energy work, Spirit seemed to want me out of my comfort zone.  

I think I'll be attending some of the monthly "Give a Reading/Get a Reading" and "Mediumship" circles APOL offers to practice and gain confidence in some of these other tools available for helping people besides just energy work.

It was great to see everyone at the event, especially the new faces!  Thanks for coming and hopefully we'll see each other again soon!




I wish I can listen to you speak. I am a simple student who loves to listen. I always seize the opportunity to listen in another seminar. I am so hungry in terms of cognition and experience. I want to expand my knowledge. Listening to other people can make me glad. My intention of practicing it, doesn't impress other people. I want to impress myself for being a skillful listener. I hope I can attend on your forthcoming event. I want to understand you and hear your talks.

09/07/2016 3:25am

Listening is something that we do to understand something, we must listen to the person with our full attention to ensure that there is an understanding, I am glad that I have read this article, it reminds me of a relationship that involves that both parties need to exert an effort to gain a communication.


Are you planning to do the next event soon? I'd like to come and visit you!

04/08/2017 9:07am

Sometimes we all need a good listener. This is a rare character. We are all searching for understanding.


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