One of the most exciting things that people learn in the Living in Your Heart class is to do energy healing.  We start off small with simple things and gradually progress to the point where a body reveals its weaknesses that need attention.  Along the way, students learn dozens of tools that can be used to assist them as they become more proficient spiritual healers. 

It is not a "course" in the traditional sense of the word and there is no certificate awarded.  Your reward is when you, like one of our students, come home to find your child not well and are able to take a look and see exactly what is wrong.  In this case, the ultrasound revealed the exact same thing the student saw. 

We are starting a new class on August 5 from 7 to 8:30 PM if you are interested. 


03/31/2016 7:54am

That's really cool. I would be interested in seeing more graphs of different information you pull from these logs.

05/13/2016 1:13am

Yes, I'm very interested in the new class to come!

06/24/2016 11:31pm

There are different ways fro spiritual healing but prayer is the best way for this type of healing according to experts. So we must pray daily keep us spiritual healthy that is very important.


Does your spirit feeling healed?

01/18/2017 4:42pm

I wanted to try this Energy healing. Aside from the fact that it sounds so interesting, every person needs it since most of us are preoccupied with jobs, priorities, and commitments. I've heard that Living in Your Heart has been doing a good job in providing quality education in various kinds of spiritual healing. Soon, I'll try it too!


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