<![CDATA[A Place of Light - A blog - Words from the People of APOL]]>Fri, 05 Jan 2018 11:55:00 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[What is Intuition?]]>Fri, 19 Aug 2016 11:44:48 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/what-is-intuitionOne of my daily Google alerts is on the topic of Intuition.  Razors and sailboats aside, I find many of the articles are talking about false impressions of the concept of intuition in my opinion.

I find people ascribing intuitive insights to life experience, rapid processing by the brain, instinct, and imagination.  For us here at A Place of Light, intuition is none of those things.  Imagination may well be part of intuition, though.  

Intuition is knowledge that comes to you about which your brain knows nothing.  It is subtle and easily missed.  (Dead Zone styles of information really are a rare exception!)  Intuition requires not only that you pay close attention, but also that some effort is made to pursue the information as far as you can be taken.  

Intuition is what we call the language of the soul.  It can manifest in many, many ways, including visions, voices, knowings, predictions, telepathy, empathic connections, healing prompts, mediumship and many more.  Sometimes what we believe to be our imagination is actually information being given to us via our intuition. 

So the next time a thought comes to you "out of the blue," pay attention to it for it is your soul speaking to you about some knowledge you need to know.  ]]>
<![CDATA[Evidential Mediumship]]>Sat, 16 Jul 2016 23:32:26 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/evidential-mediumshipIf you have ever watched TV shows such as "The Long Island Medium" or "The Haunting of," then you have seen evidential mediumship in action.  

In a reading, the Medium will connect with a spirit of a loved one that has crossed over and bring the message to one person in the audience.  While that message can be a simple "your Grandmother loves you", the Medium needs to make sure they have the right person before giving the reading.  This is where Evidence comes in.

The Medium works to get specific information on whom they are talking to, such as when they died, how they died, what they wore, what they did in life, and specifics that only the spirit could tell them.  Only then can the Medium and the person getting the reading know that is truly their loved one.  Once that connection is made, questions can be asked and a real conversation can happen. 

In TV land, they have the magic of editing and showing the Medium doing this in just a few minutes, but in reality it takes some time to connect and build that relationship to the spirit.  It's not a five minute clip and then off to commercial. This is why when we do Mediumship Gallery readings we book them for an hour or more.

If you want to see how real evidential mediumship works up close and personal, and possibly get a message, please join us on July 24th at either 1:00 PM or 4:00 PM.  

Click Here for tickets. $45 pre-paid or $50 at the door.  Space is limited, so pre-payment is recommended.  Don't get turned away at the door!

<![CDATA[Intuitive Children]]>Thu, 19 May 2016 08:24:35 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/intuitive-children I listen to you while the people around me are saying, “wow, this child is really wise” or “that’s amazing,”

but I know. 

I know you are awake and walking in the way of our ancestors in a way where there

                are no secrets, no surprises,

                just supreme calm and acceptance…

And you wonder what all the fuss is about… “Isn’t everyone this way?” you think.

YES, but they have shut down, shut out, denied until they are asleep, but not you

For you the colors dance and the visions come and the voices speak of wondrous things.

You slip between worlds as easily as others breathe and you wonder why everyone takes things so seriously.

You are awake and alive and listen to the language of your soul.

You are the intuitive child.

 but then,

I listen to the people around me as they say, “brother, that child is a handful,” or “I bet you have a time with that one.”


I know

I know. 

I know you are awake and walking in the way of our ancestors in a way where there

                are no secrets, no surprises,

                just rage and intolerance

For you hear what the people are really thinking while they say their nice words, you see the colors of deceit swirl around them. 

you feel their pain and anger and depression until you nearly collapse with the weight of it all.

You are awake and you hear everyone around you.

but you do not have the wisdom to handle it…

You are an intuitive child.

but then,

I listen to the people around me as they say, “what a daydreamer this little one is! does the child ever pay attention?”  This one had better start listening….”


I know. 

I know you are awake and walking in the way of our ancestors in a way where there

                are no secrets, no surprises,

just wondrous dimensions that forever dance before your eyes, and the many people from other dimensions who tell you such lovely stories. 

and you listen, for these things are far more interesting than the physical world around you, and sometimes you are surprised to find you are indeed in a body.

It is such a clumsy and confining thing.

You are an intuitive child…

<![CDATA[Dealing with "Dead People"]]>Sat, 02 Apr 2016 16:39:49 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/dealing-with-dead-peopleRecently we have seen a number of people who were troubled with what they called bad spirits in the house.  In each case, the "bad energy" was actually a sadness felt by each spirit. 

So many of us have been influenced by Hollywood to think of all spirit people, which is what we call those whose body is dead, as being a demon or otherwise negative.  This is simply not the case.

Truly negative spirits like to hang around places where there are horrible things going on like torture.  In these places, they find their "food," fear, terror, and pain.  Negative spirits are not happy in places where there is a lot of love and positivity.  Love and positivity simply feel bad to them.

What we found was that the spirits were very sad and just did not know what to do.  In each case, we helped them go home and find some peace.  Some were children; some were adults, but each one simply wanted a friend to understand.

<![CDATA[Language, Language]]>Wed, 13 Jan 2016 16:23:10 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/language-languageWhile the spirit world has unending patience with no judgment, it also is utterly exacting with its rules.  The Cayce Reading called these rules "universal laws" and said they are immutable. 

What this means is that there is absolutely no cheating, no oopsies, no circumventing the reality of these laws.  Yikes.  The Readings tell us about the Law of Self, the Law of Speak No Unkind Word about Anyone, the Law of Like Begets Like and many more.  (If you want a very good read on these, check out Bruce McArthur's book, The Universal Laws:  Why Your Life is the Way it is and What You Can do about It.) 

Basically all of these laws can be fulfilled through three words:

                                                  JUST LIVE IT

If you want your children to grow up in a certain way, then you have to live it with no contradictions.  If you want your business to succeed, then you cannot entertain any thought of failure, even when things look dismal.  If you want to be loved, then you have to be loving with all those you encounter. 

Yikes!  This is a tall order.  Luckily, we are given endless chances; but we have to get it right to succeed. 

<![CDATA[Explaining Spiritual Connections]]>Mon, 28 Dec 2015 15:54:03 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/explaining-spiritual-connectionsTwelve years I have been doing this work and I still do not know how to explain what is gained by studying at A Place of Light!  How does one explain wisdom?  This is what one of the students explained happened with her in that she had a lot of knowledge about spiritual matters, but at APOL, it moved to her heart and became wisdom. 

It often seems ironic to me that I spent the first 30 plus years of my career teaching within the academic world.  As one of my students from 1972 told me recently, "you taught me to think and reason."  Yet now, I teach something completely different:  to feel and trust. 

Both skills are valuable, but in different settings.  Neither are very useful when used outside their respective paradigms, although intuitive knowing can direct one's reasoning.

How to explain what has not yet been experienced?  How can another grasp that which is unknown?  It is like teaching a child to decode the words "babbling brook."  If the child has never seen, heard, touched a babbling brook, they are just words, meaningless sounds to be dutifully repeated when encountered while reading. 

Perhaps the real question is how to ask someone to trust the process of experiencing, that it will take them places of which they only dreamed...

<![CDATA[Highly Sensitive?  Intuitive?]]>Sun, 20 Dec 2015 13:05:48 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/highly-sensitive-intuitiveI have been reading entries from a group of people who all feel they "highly sensitive," and, indeed, they are.  They are beset with feeling sad, physical pain and a host of other discomforts all of which, in my opinion, come from being very intuitive with no control 

I am frustrated to say the least.  They seek DSM descriptions, the correct medication, the right diet and other physical/academic world solutions.  However intuition does not function in the physical/academic paradigm.  It is another paradigm altogether and must be addressed within the laws and wisdom of that world.

Spiritual issues require spiritual solutions.  For the past twelve years, we at A Place of Light have been working with these solutions with great success.  One only needs to listen to the testimonies to know this! 

What is truly consistent is that once these spiritual tools are in place and being used, then the changes in the physical begin to happen.  People easily change their diet.  They can work in places like a beauty salon or customer service without succumbing to the energy of those whom they serve.  Life is no longer filled with anxiety.

I only wish I knew the words to explain this to the many hurting people who make the entries in this group. 

<![CDATA[Walking with William Wordsworth]]>Fri, 16 Oct 2015 05:29:18 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/walking-with-william-wordsworthI have felt the energy of stones and plants, and know there is spirit in all of the natural world. But lately I’ve been reading the poetry of William Wordsworth and have discovered that Wordsworth knew this in his bones, in his heart, in his being.

To every natural form, rock, fruit, or flower,

Even the loose stones that cover the highway,

I gave a moral life; I saw them feel,

In another poem, he writes:

And ‘tis my faith that every flower

Enjoys the air it breathes.

That host of golden daffodils he saw “tossing their heads in sprightly dance” truly were dancing in delight at their own existence; this was no mere poetic description. Wordsworth understood, and I am coming to understand, thanks to his poetry.

I can see the life in my own yard through my own eyes.

For a time I offered thanks to the tree in my yard for its beauty, which may have helped in a small way to encourage its growth. But now that its offspring has grown and branches of both trees are mingling, the mother tree has grown fuller and taller. Seems to me that this growth in not coincidental. Why wouldn’t a tree appreciate companionship, just as we do?

<![CDATA[On Being Human]]>Mon, 05 Oct 2015 15:07:01 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/on-being-humanAt a recent Past Life Regression hosted by APOL, one individual was very upset because s/he had been on a spaceship and was not of the human race. 

This got me to thinking about the fact that we are not any particular species from any particular place, but rather energy that assumes many forms in many places depending on what it is we wish to accomplish. 

Being human provides the great challenge of being spiritual while being assaulted by emotions.  If we can walk our lives in balance while there is emotional chaos all around, then we have truly mastered being a spiritual being. 
<![CDATA[Highly Sensitive People]]>Mon, 27 Jul 2015 10:27:55 GMThttp://placeoflight.net/a-blog---words-from-the-people-of-apol/highly-sensitive-peopleAt our Holistic Happenings this past weekend, I met a number of people who are very sensitive to energy.  Often I was told that they just stay to themselves in order to prevent being overwhelmed.  It was so good to know that we can teach tools that will allow them to control this incoming rush of psychic information. 

There were others who were also sensitive, but had little understanding of how much this sensitivity affected their lives.  Seeing the light dawn on them as situations were explained was exciting! 

All in all, the fair was a wonderful event and small enough that everyone who attended could receive individual attention.