One of my daily Google alerts is on the topic of Intuition.  Razors and sailboats aside, I find many of the articles are talking about false impressions of the concept of intuition in my opinion.

I find people ascribing intuitive insights to life experience, rapid processing by the brain, instinct, and imagination.  For us here at A Place of Light, intuition is none of those things.  Imagination may well be part of intuition, though.  

Intuition is knowledge that comes to you about which your brain knows nothing.  It is subtle and easily missed.  (Dead Zone styles of information really are a rare exception!)  Intuition requires not only that you pay close attention, but also that some effort is made to pursue the information as far as you can be taken.  

Intuition is what we call the language of the soul.  It can manifest in many, many ways, including visions, voices, knowings, predictions, telepathy, empathic connections, healing prompts, mediumship and many more.  Sometimes what we believe to be our imagination is actually information being given to us via our intuition. 

So the next time a thought comes to you "out of the blue," pay attention to it for it is your soul speaking to you about some knowledge you need to know.  

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