If you have ever watched TV shows such as "The Long Island Medium" or "The Haunting of," then you have seen evidential mediumship in action.  

In a reading, the Medium will connect with a spirit of a loved one that has crossed over and bring the message to one person in the audience.  While that message can be a simple "your Grandmother loves you", the Medium needs to make sure they have the right person before giving the reading.  This is where Evidence comes in.

The Medium works to get specific information on whom they are talking to, such as when they died, how they died, what they wore, what they did in life, and specifics that only the spirit could tell them.  Only then can the Medium and the person getting the reading know that is truly their loved one.  Once that connection is made, questions can be asked and a real conversation can happen. 

In TV land, they have the magic of editing and showing the Medium doing this in just a few minutes, but in reality it takes some time to connect and build that relationship to the spirit.  It's not a five minute clip and then off to commercial. This is why when we do Mediumship Gallery readings we book them for an hour or more.

If you want to see how real evidential mediumship works up close and personal, and possibly get a message, please join us on July 24th at either 1:00 PM or 4:00 PM.  

Click Here for tickets. $45 pre-paid or $50 at the door.  Space is limited, so pre-payment is recommended.  Don't get turned away at the door!


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