Recently we have seen a number of people who were troubled with what they called bad spirits in the house.  In each case, the "bad energy" was actually a sadness felt by each spirit. 

So many of us have been influenced by Hollywood to think of all spirit people, which is what we call those whose body is dead, as being a demon or otherwise negative.  This is simply not the case.

Truly negative spirits like to hang around places where there are horrible things going on like torture.  In these places, they find their "food," fear, terror, and pain.  Negative spirits are not happy in places where there is a lot of love and positivity.  Love and positivity simply feel bad to them.

What we found was that the spirits were very sad and just did not know what to do.  In each case, we helped them go home and find some peace.  Some were children; some were adults, but each one simply wanted a friend to understand.


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